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第 14 课时 九年级 Units 3~4


(2018·山东德州中考)When I was a child, I was a tomboy(假小子)。 I had a cowboy hat and cowboy

boots。 My brothers were two and four years older than I。 We often played games together。

Once, my brothers and I fell in love with playing a game called “stealing horses”。 Then

my parents decided to buy my brothers guns。 These were not “real” guns。 Because I was a girl,

I didn't get a gun。 They shot and shot at everything with their new guns。 I tried to “fight”

them with my bow and arrows(弓和箭)。 But I was still in the poor position without a gun。

One day while I was hiding behind a wall, looking out toward the fields, I felt a terrible

blow to my right eye。 I looked up just in time to see my brother lower his gun。 Both brothers

rushed to my side。 My eye felt great pain and I covered it with my hand。 “If you tell that

to Mummy,” they said, “We will get a whipping(鞭打) from Daddy。 You don't want that to happen,

do you?” I did not。 “Here is a piece of wire(电线),” said the older brother, picking it

up from the floor, “Say you stepped on one end of it and the other flew up and hit you。” “Yes,”

I said。 To be honest, I didn't want them to be punished。 So I did as my brothers told me to


A week after the “ac cident” my parents took me to see a doctor。 Finally I knew my brothers

were worried about my eye, so they told our parents what had happened and asked them to take

me to see a doctor。

1.According to the passage, the two brothers were





2.The two brothers asked the writer to tell a lie because they were afraid

A.they would lose their guns

B.their parents would punish them

C.they couldn't play the game any more

D.their parents would take their sister to see a doctor

3.Choose the correct order according to the passage。

①The writer was hurt。

②The brothers told the truth。


③The parents bought guns for the brothers。

④The parents took the writer to see a doctor。





4.Wh at can we infer(推断) from the passage?

A.The writer's parents didn't like her。

B.The writer and her two brothers loved each other。

C.The writer's brothers wanted to hurt her。

D.The two brothers didn't get on well with each other。



1.(2015·山东济宁中考)It is p

to keep your voice down in public。

2.(2018·广东广安三模改编)My parents take p

in everything good that I do。

3 . (2018· 山 东 青 岛 市 北 期 末 改 编 )Lin Ping always fails the exams because he is often a

from classes。

4.(2019·原创)Her sister

(影响) her decision to study science。

5.(2018·山东滨州阳信模拟)I live next to a supermarket。 It's


6.(2016·山东济宁中考)Jack looked through the

(介绍) about the book before he decided

to buy it。

7.(2015·山东济宁中考)It's very

(有帮助) to discuss your problems with your parents。

8.(2014·山东济宁中考)I plan to travel to several

(欧洲) countries this summer



阅读下面短文,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。


(2014·山东济宁中考改编)“Are you OK? ” “Yes, I am OK。” You may hear this kind of talk

around you。 “OK” is most 1。

(wide) used around the world。 Where did “OK” come

from? Let's take a look!

“OK” was 2。

(one) written in the Boston Morning Post on March 23, 1839。 It read:

o.k。—oll correct (all correct)。 It was only a joke at that time。 But later “OK” 3。

(become) popular。 People used it 4。

(say) that all was well。


Today we use th is expression many times 5。



(2018·山东济宁鱼台三模改编)On my weekly math exam, I made a deadly mistake。 I tu rned

subtraction(减法) into addition(加法), which cost me as much as seven points。 Of course, my

math teacher wasn't satisfied。 Even 6。

(bad), he criticized(批评) me in front of all

my classmates! After that class, I 7。

(ask) to the office。 “I must be called for more

criticism,” I thought。

But to my 8。

(surprised), he carefully read both the question and the answer, then

asked again 9。

I had any problems or not。 I had been told that teachers would never

talk with one student face to face unless they really care。 At that moment, I deeply felt it。

And I said to 10。

(I), I must be a teacher like him!



(2019·预测)Does this situation sound familiar(熟悉的)?

You are complaining(抱怨) to your parents about something。 Maybe your computer isn't

powerful enough to play the latest games。 Or your friends' bikes are better than yours! Then

you hear, “When I was your age, there weren't any computers or video games。 And I didn't get

a bike until I was sixteen。 And it was second?hand, and it was too big for me。”

So, is it really true that life is better for teenagers now? It is certainly true that many

t eenagers have got more things nowadays。 A typical family is smaller now。 So parents have

got more money to spend on each child。 And many things are cheaper than they were when

our parents were children。

Technology is probably the greatest change in our life。 Forty years ago, no one could

imagine a world with tiny computers and amazing smart phones 。 And now these things are

necessary。 We can't imagine living without them!

However, technology often means we spend more time at home。 An d often it's just us, with

our computer or television 。 Teenagers don't do enough exercise。 So they aren't as healthy as

they were in the past。 And, although young people still get on well with their friends, some

people think teenagers today don't have so many social activities as they did in the past。

What do you think? How is teenage life better these days?

1.Is a typical family smaller or bigger now?(no more than 3 words)

2.What is probably the greatest change in our life?(no more tha n 1 words) 3.Why aren't teenagers as healthy as they were in the past?(no more than 6 words) 4.请将文中画线的句子译成汉语。 5.请给短文拟一个适当的英文标题。 五、写作
(2019·原创)上星期,你和李明等同学度过了一个美好的周末。你们开始想去哪里?最后去了哪 里?当时天气怎么样?都干了些什么?请根据所给图画,用英语写一篇 100 词左右的短文,投稿给你校 《英文周刊》。
注意:1。词数:100 左右。 2.文中不得出现可能透露考生真实身份的任何信息。

参考答案 一、DBBB 二、1。polite 2。pride 3。absent 4。influenced 5.convenient 6。introduction 7。helpful 8。European 三、1。widely 2。first 3。became 4。to say 5。a 6.worse 7。was asked 8。surprise 9。whether 10.myself 四、1。It's smaller now。 2。Technology。 3.Because teenagers don't do enough exercise。 4.因此父母有更多的钱花费到每个孩子身上。 5.Teenage Life 五、 Last weekend, we had a great time。 At first, I got together with Li Ming, Wang Hua and Li Bo to have a discussion on what to do on the weekend。 Different people have different opinions。 Some advised going to sing Karaoke songs to have fun, and others suggested going boating on the sea。 Finally we decided to go climbing and have a picnic in the open air。 We started early on Saturday morning and reached the top of the mountain at noon。 We had a picnic and talked happily。 After that we picked up the rubbish and threw it into the dustbin。 As is known to us all, it's everyone's duty to protect the envir onment。 Although we were all tired, we were very happy。
Oh, what an unforgettable day!


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